Main Course

I use my own tailored notes supported by BPP study material.

My bespoke 5 step approach to F 7 and P 2 consolidations is renowned by students at giving them a confident, structured approach to pick up invaluable marks and clarity of thinking.

In addition I have developed a unique approach to answering theory based questions which helps national and international students in particular whose first language perhaps is not English. This in turn gives the student the confidence that they can pass their ACCA F 7 and P 2 exams – first time.

Finally, students receive a detailed study plan so as to effectively manage their time. An email is sent after each lecture highlighting the material we have covered in class and the coursework to be completed for the next session. I expect every student to attempt the three mock exams.

Revision Course

I provide my own revision pack which contains all examiner questions in addition to extra questions so as to ensure students have plenty of relevant practice material. All numerical questions will have my detailed worked / ‘stepped’ solutions.

Test Exams

Each course has a minimum of three full test exams which are corrected by me and I will give feedback to each student on how they need to improve to obtain better results.

Dedication and Commitment

I am a 100% committed to ensure that each student receives what they need to pass this exam. I am available before and after each class to answer any question a student might have. A student can also email me their question and each question will be answered in full. All emails are answered within 24 hours.

In return I expect the student to attend as many lectures as they can. I do appreciate however that 100% attendance is next to impossible with the competing demands on your time. To aid a student in this regard an email is sent after every lecture highlighting the material we have covered.